Largest Bicycle Parking Facility in the World

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Architects and the city council of Utrecht – the fourth city in The Netherlands – just finished plans for what is allegedly the largest bicycle parking facility in the world with a capacity of 12,500 in a single structure. The total capacity of the central railway station area will eventually exceed 22,000 when several more smaller cycle parking sites will be added in the coming years.


Bicyle favorite choice

The university city Utrecht has a distinctive young population and a compact layout with many dedicated cycle tracks, bike lanes and bridges which make cycling the favorite choice of transportation. This poses a challenge for the public transport area where a lot of bicycles are parked and collected every day and space is at a premium.

Construction of the multi-storey park facility called “Stationsplein Oost” will start later this year. This site is part of a major reconstruction effort in the centre district that is currently under way. Opening of the first part is expected in 2016, it will be finished in 2018.

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Rush hour:

Experiments are set up:

Here the new facility will be created:

[Sources: Youtube contributor Markenlei and Utrecht city council, Ector Hoogstad Architecten, ARUP, Royal HaskoningDHV, Buro Sant en Co, DGMR]


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